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    As we all know Panda 3.3 is rolling dum dum on following ones,
    - Private Networks
    - SEO Hosting - Ip detection

    To kick the panda we need,
    - Platform Diversity (Present seo mostly depends on wordpress blogpost and links, even some there, just pointing majority)
    - Keyword Diversity (main keywords + long tail + general keywords like click know etc +images)
    - IP Diversity

    I coined some idea to play to make panda dance with my seo knowledge(not big actually).

    SEO Hosting ->

    I will make a seo hosting plan. Where I buy hosting from 100's of different shared hosting providers from different location. Clients will be given a control panel to submit there quality pr domains and what they need to install(big discussion later on this point). It will be added to any of this hosting within 24 hours with respective platform (ex - drupal,joomla,wp).

    Private Network with platform diversity ->
    As I told if we join 10 peoples and build this hosting network and each are giving 10 PR 1 to PR5 domains equally. then we get 100 domains. All these 100 domains will be installed different platforms available today starting from drupal to everything blog platform, community platform, gallery platform etc etc... They can also submit there domain with there own hosting. But our suggested platform

    How we can Use this Network ->
    We all can use this 100 sites to put our backlinks in home page or full site or any page based upon platform.

    If the network is small we can use this only for highly profitable niche. Good investment = Good return + Profit.

    If we build a separate network almost same like this full of posting platforms like drupal,joomla,phpmotion posting,vbulletin blog posting,elgg blog posting then we can utilize this for medium sites for link building.

    Important :
    1.SEO Hosting is different who need just seo hosting.
    2. Private Network is different utilizing the seo hosting.

    Just need all your opinion/idea+/blame on this. Sorry for my bad english.
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    I have implemented a hide in the crowd strategy of using popular hosting companies. It has worked for me thus far.
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    The problem is you have to find 10 people that you trust. Otherwise the network can be infilitrated. Also if you get too big, the same thing. But if you have 10 friends to do this, blast away.
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