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Discussion in 'Instagram' started by adultj, Aug 22, 2015.

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    Hi all,

    2 questions regarding posting with FL:

    - I have a project only for posting with some accounts.
    Whenever I add a new account it doesn't run unless I stop and start the project. This is not good because if I stop and start then the automation interval starts from 0 and the other accounts post again.
    Is this normal? I would expect that the new account would become active when I add it. Stopping and resuming also does not work.

    - How to control effectively the number of images shared / waiting to be shared?
    Let's say I add 30 pictures to be shared twice per day. After 20 days or so how do I easily know which ones are still in the queue to be posted so that I can plan the next batch of posts?
    Due to the random automation interval I can not know for sure when the batch will end.

    Thanks and regards.
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    1. It is normal that you have to re-start FL to start the new projects, but I don't think it's normal for old projects to post again. As far as I know, the automation time continues where it last time stopped? Not sure though.
    2. You can check which pictures were shared in the "Shared Photos" window on the second page of your Wizard, with advanced options enabled. From that, you can determine which ones are not shared.