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Posting videos to Facebook

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by Okragula, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. Okragula

    Okragula Newbie

    Jul 12, 2016
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    Hey guys,

    Okay so I just started a new page on Facebook and it is in my area of expertise (basketball). It is a unique page and I've made great progress (at least in my opinion just off of investing $5 in one post - 36.000 reach, 600 post likes, 8 comments, 500 page likes in two days - btw still counting, I've only spent $2.50 so far, still have two days to go). Well, maybe this isn't a lot or great at all (insight would be greatly appreciated too) but since I'm a beginner, I am satisfied with how my first sponsored post behaved.

    I've explored the "competition", and saw a lot of people posting youtube videos to their page (as page videos) that I know for a fact are not theirs.

    Now, my questions are:

    1) Can you get in trouble for this? I would love to "recycle" some videos for my fan page as well. The videos I want to post are mainly excerpts from talk shows, such as first take or sportscenter top 10, whatever.

    2) What is a good way of making sure you don't get in trouble - what steps should I take when I want to do this in order to avoid whatever potential consequences there are?

    This is a grey area to me and I've googled it for a bit before realizing it's impossible to find useful information - answers to my questions. (at least I couldn't do it)
    Thank you a lot!