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    Hey guys, Im looking for a way to post to contact forms. Ive researched a few options. I have SB and XR, the problem with scrapebox as far as I can see is that even with learning mode you only have a choice of 4 fields. I need to be able to fill in more complicated forms. Xrumer would be the next choice but my knowledge of creating a mod is limited (but learning). The third option is paigham bot, so I downloaded the demo however it does not allow you to upload URLs as this has been disabled. Can paigham bot learn new or extra fields? it looks like it only does basic contact forms, I dont want to pay $25 for a month to find out it can only do basic forms

    Scrapebox updated the learning mod recently and now cannot it seems add more fields that it could before.

    Any ideas how I could do this? is it possible to create an .ini file in SB for more fields. If not then I guess I will have to bust my brain with xrumer or get someone to help.

    cheers guys