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    Let's say i post every day one Article about my Main Keyword, should i submit every new Article to Article Directories? RSS or normal Ping them with Scrapebox?
    What about my other Keywords, should i include them into my Main Keyword Article or write them separate?

    By now i only did Social Bookmarking, RSS Submission, Search Engine Submission and Status Updates on Facebook.
    Additionally i manually posted on ~50 PR 4-8 Sites for some Backlinks, got some comments approved.

    Site is only one Week old and gets no real Visitors.
    Broad Position for all Keywords is +1000, Phrase around 150.

    Normally i try to find everything through the Search Engine, couldn't find anything specific though. :eek:
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    If those articles are unique content then keep them on your site and do not submit them in articles directories even if google indexed those articles on your website first. Google might still see it as you are the one who is duplicating the content.

    See this video - Google's determination of original author of the content.

    Better write separate article for a different keyword, also make sure that you use that keyword as anchor in your about author section at the bottom of the article.

    Do ping, but I would not do RSS from my site due to possible duplicate content issues.
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