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Jun 3, 2017
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Hi :
I want to Promote my YouTube videos on Reddit without getting my Reddit account shadowBan. Thanks
one way to keep your accounts healthy is to keep a good comment / submission ratio.
Prepare the reddit account legitimately, Try not to post any links unless you have 1k karma.
After that if you are posting make sure to keep a ratio of 9:1 that means post 9 links in a subreddit that are not related to you and will be helpful for others.
Try getting into some upvotes groups to gain a push when needed.
Know the relevant subreddits to post in. Each subreddit has it own set of rules about posting links so it's good to know what is acceptable where. Usually, the bigger the subreddit, the stricter the rules.
I've tried this method, I didn't really get much views though. They have a subreddit named "Promote your youtube videos"
Youtube + Reddit = Super :)

After you get traffic from Reddit you get better Youtube rankings and start getting organic views from Youtube.

As it was mentioned you must post your link after posting 9 (the more the better) other links.

Other important thing - your channel should have a number of subcribers (the more he better), the video should have a number of views ( the more the better).

The most important thing - your video should be non-spammy and must be interesting for subreddit users.
Make it look organic and manipulate the votes and you're there bud!
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