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Jun 12, 2010
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I found this in Andy Williams SEO newsletter. Although it provides only an overview, I think it's a sound strategy. Should be easy to adapt to your existing SEO effort.

(Quoted as is with a few fixes on typos and removal of promotional material.)

Since Panda, I have looked at Backlinking in a very different way.

  1. Go for quality links, not quantity. Get out of that "more is better" mentality. One link on a PR4 webpage is better than 1000 links you can "generate" with tools like SENukeX.
  2. When you add a backlink to any other page on the internet, whether it?s an article submission, a blog comment or a guest post ? ADD VALUE to that page. Don?t just look to drop your URL on their page.
  3. Concentrate on building your domain authority, with backlinks to your homepage. I would recommend that 50% + of all links going to your site should be to the homepage using the domain name or domain URL as the anchor text.
  4. Internally link your site, so that your pages get backlinks from other pages on your site that contain relevant keyword phrases. For example, if you have a web page that is reviewing the HTC Desire HD phone, any other page on your site that has the phrase HTC Desire HD, HTC Desire HD Review, etc., should link that text to the review page.
  5. Create high quality content on a well-structured website.
  6. When looking for places to "drop" your backlink, look exclusively for sites that have some authority. I'd recommend a PR2+ at the very minimum. That includes article directories.
  7. Look for variety in the type of link (article directory, website directory, guest post, blog comment) and places you get backlinks from. For example, don?t just get 500 article directory links. You need a varied profile.
  8. Keep records of every place you get links from. These can be future sources of new links.
  9. Be prepared to spend time backlinking MANUALLY. If it takes you an hour to get a good backlink, don't let that put you off. Sure, in an hour you could get various backlinking programs to "generate" 500 links or more, but if you want to succeed long term, you need to start appreciating the true value of good links.

Following this strategy, you can easily get long tail phrases to rank well and build great authority for your website. Whether it stays ranking well will depend largely on the quality of your content though.

For more competitive terms, as you build the authority of your site, you will find these moving up the SERPs as well. In a test, I have ranked in the top 10 for a commercial phrase with nearly 2 million competing pages (when the term is searched for in quotes), with less than 50 backlinks to that page, and most of the backlinks were not using that phrase in the anchor text. The ranking was mostly down to the Authority of the site and its relevance to that keyword phrase.

Ultimately though, you WILL need to work on specific phrases, but when you do that, bear in mind those points listed above because the principles are the same.


May 1, 2011
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The war is not yet over for the BH guys. Let them tackle big G with intelligent tactics and new tools.