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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by bblackhat, Jul 13, 2010.

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    Hi, I've been thinking of a method to make quick cash but one of the flaws of it is that I don't understand completlely the nature of junk traffic but anyway, here it goes:

    The idea would be to use these sites were you can cloak your links and they pay you for each click made on your links. There's one that pays $1 per 2000 US clicks in intermission (a redirect) mode. Ok.

    So the idea would be to buy some junk traffic at let's say $3 for 1000 hits and direct it to a 'page A' where they are redirected to our links but wait, this site I talked before allows like 20 clicks per IP per day so you can implement a code to open 20 popunders or popups with different links when a visit comes to your 'page A'. So you will be getting 20000 clicks which would equal to $10 (or maybe using the other option that is a banner instead of a redirection you would get $1 for 4000 that equals $5 still a good ROI)

    The doubts I have are:

    1) What is the nature of the junk traffic that can be bought on the web? Are they just bots or are real people than these companies redirect with popunders to give you clicks?

    2) Is it possible to implement this as outlined? Wouldn't the site know from where the 'clicks' are coming and ban you when they realise? Any way to cover you from this?

    I look forward to hearing your opinions on this method, maybe we can improve it collectivelly.
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    That method may sound plausible, but I assure you, it's not worth the time and effort you'll put into it. You'll most likely get banned from whatever site your using and then you would have wasted all that money on junk traffic.

    I don't think this method is a good idea, but there may be other who've had success with it, and maybe one of them will respond to this.
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    Sounds like something I'd try if I were you. If you get banned bad luck, if not, enjoy the profit... it only requires a small investment.

    Only 1 problem... POPUP BLOCKERS! Maybe you can use iframes?
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    Sounds like is doesnt work...
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    This method should work in theory, but I see a couple of problems you might run into:

    1. How many of those "pay-per-click" cloaking services actually pay?
    2. They might check the referer - but this could either spoofed (through a redirect) or blanked (might be too suspicious).
    3. If your link recieves a lot of traffic, they might manually check the website - so you should make sure the website looks like it could genuinely create that much traffic.
    4. It is possible to check if a link is loaded in an iframe.
    5. The traffic you are sending will NOT convert.

    If done correctly, you might be able to profit from this. First of all, you need to find a service with a good reputation. Then you need to create a good-looking website, possibly with a fake hit-counter, that looks like it could actually drive that much traffic. Thirdly you should cloak/spoof the referer (there are both WP-plugins and scripts for that on BHW) - and use atleast 10 different websites for this; these websites should also look like genuine traffic-bombs to not awaken suspicion.

    Even with all these precautions, you will still be banned if your traffic doesn't convert at all. Blending in real traffic (possibly some cheap ppc) might help, but let's face it: if they have to pay you more money than they earn themselves, they are not interested in working with you.
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