Possible Idea: What do you think?

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    I was looking at all the sites such as Associated Content and similar sites. Some people just aren't accepted in other websites such as DS(Demand Studios) and etc.

    This plan isn't a quick flip for money but eventually I am sure you will make money. I would say start a blog or use a CMS script and start your own website. Write and post your articles on the site and keep them yourself. Sure this is very slow but I think it might just work. Think about how much sites like ehow (especially before the whole Google and the 'Content Farm"). It will take time due to the fact that you don't have so many users but imagine pushing out 10 articles a day that is about 300 articles month.

    Eventually when you start making enough money you can hire outside help and pay for content like other sites or start a revenue sharing system. Or if you have connection to cheaper article outsourcing you can do that as well.

    Anyone else have any insight on this, advice or pros and cons on the idea?