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    I have a warehouse where i could start..I want to offer storage for 40$/week. I deliver the container to the customer after he finish filling up I collect the container and store it in my warehouse. The customer can come for his items if he needs just few of his items or the whole items or I deliver the whole container to his home for 60$.
    Is it woth to start a mobile portable storage company like that or is it to much effort and not wothwhile??
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    When you say container, what sized container do you have in mind?
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    Not sure where you are located...but if you have a warehouse just build climate controlled self storage units.

    The delivering/picking up the container deal will cost you a lot of money. Trucks, employees, extra insurance, etc.

    Just build our self storage units.

    I have a friend that took a huge piece of land and tossed them up over 10 years ago - rows and rows of units has made him a liquid multi millionaire.

    Work smarter, not harder. If people really want to store their stuff they will come to you (especially if you have a climate controlled building) - why have to worry about a delivery schedule, extra employees, and most importantly extra expenses when you could just build units in your warehouse, sit back and collect $$ each month.
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