Pooling several moneybooker accounts into one verified account. Does it work?

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    Oct 8, 2009
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    I need to receive money from copyright infringement business and withdraw to proper bank account.
    As moneybookers option I have been thinking of doing the following to avoid putting all eggs in one basket and getting all my money lost when/if an account gets frozen.

    You can open a moneybookers account pretty easy and without verifying it (with bank account, credit card or address) get a pretty decent send money limit (i think location dependent, but i got $1300)
    You can then accumulate money in a number of unverified accounts that you then send to a verified account that you use to withdraw your money to your bank account.
    That's is in theory. Anyone tried it or are using it? What to look out for?

    Any other good ideas to receive payments for stuff like this? Which cc payment processor should I use?
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