Point to think about - Did someone ever reverse the process?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by orl2008, Nov 5, 2010.

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    It's not pretty ethical, and I am not sure if even kinda legal.
    But did anyone around here tried to "kill" his competition, by marking them bad in search engines? And how's that?
    But duplicating content, posting it in their domain if possible (not speaking about hacking right now, only about permissions the website owner offers), copying articles, posting on websites, and linking to the "attacked" website, or any other methods?

    It's not something pretty real, but there something here, and with the right usage, it may work.

    To be clear, I am on the defending site, I just thought for a second, what if somebody is using methods like that to make my search engines rank the way he wants?

    Thanks guys, and I know I don't have too many posts in my post count, it's just that I like to hang around a lot, learn something, and then post, hope I will post more form now on ;)

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    This thought has been shared around here before. I can tell you that you'll be much more popular around here if you keep this idea to yourself. Better to promote yourself than tear another down...
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    if you're too dumb to outrank them, you're to dumb to "kill" them as well. that says it all.

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    I encourage you to find your competitors and tell them to **** up your sites like the way you said, you know why I'm saying that, because you're actually gonna THANK me(rep is better:D) in the end because your rankings will be higher, it's not a joke, it's real.

    What your competitors will do, is rank you site higher in the search engines not damage it, with that said, your question is answered, problem solved...
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    Yeah, you will probably get flamed a bit for this post, but such is life....

    As for your question, its not really that easy to get google to penalize your competition; unless of course, as you mentioned, the website in question allows you to post content on to it. But the amount of control you would need over someone's website to hurt it would be typically much more than normal websites would offer.

    Also you mentioned using duplicate content on their own domain. It has been stated a couple times by google that there is no penalty for duplicate content on the same domain. It simply just picks the 'best' copy and ranks that one. (Gotta find the video again, so please don't quote me on the methods google uses to determine which copy is better.)

    Honestly, like most other people here will tell you, it is much better long-term to simply outrank (*) your competition. Think if you are trying to kill every top competitor for a niche instead of outranking everyone. Whenever someone else comes along and sees the niche with no competition they will try to jump in, then you have one more site to kill...as opposed to being at the top and making people have to catch you would actually translate to less work over time.

    That being said, If I was personally going to attempt to get a site penalized I would create 20 - 30 domains and inject them with what looks like an js iframe injection or some other kind of simple and easy to detect browser/site virus. Then I would have another domain that is hosting the virus/attack that was easily detectable. On this 'virus site' it would try to 'infect' (false trip browser security) people landing there and then redirect to the target site (site i wanted penalized).

    I'm not sure if that makes sense so let me try to break it down.

    1. Buy multiple domains and setup websites that look like normal blog or whatever.
    2. Buy a spammy domain like tyeh29hdb.info and use some code to try to trip browser alerts for spam/security detection. (The idea here is that you want google and other search engines to think the site is malicious and blacklist it.)
    3. Link the spam domain from step two to the target site (one you want penalized) in all ways possible. (direct links, redirect, stuff users cookiejar with tracking code from targets website, etc)
    4. Infect all the websites from step one with the 'attack' from the virus domain of step two, if you have ever seen a oldschool js/iframe injection you know what I mean.
    5. Report all the 'infected' sites (from step 1) along with the 'virus' site (from step 2) to google and anywhere else that allows malicious sites to be submitted.

    I have no clue if this will work as I have never tried it nor do I have any interest to try it nor am I suggesting anyone else try it. It is just something I have pondered about during my 7 years of web design.

    Before anyone asks, I will NOT assist with anyone trying to do this, so do not bother to ask me to elaborate on code/examples/etc. The reason I post it in the first place is simply for educational/thought provoking purposes.

    Also on a side note, I don't condone the use of viruses or malware what-so-ever. I JUST finished reformatted this machine after wrestling with a particularly nasty rootkit...horrible inconvenience.

    *EDIT: "simply outrank" - yeah that's probably an oxymoron.
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