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    Hi there, total noob, feel free to kick me in the nuts if I am being retarded here.

    I guess the first question is any tips on adult dating affiliates I could qaulify for. Right now I have only qualified for lavaplace, thats the only one that will accept me. If I create a profile on pof, chat it up and try and send someone a link saying "meet me here at xxxxxx.com...", that link is one of my domains and it then redirects to my lavaplace, are they gonna get mad and ban me? Can I do that? most do not accept me because I do not have a site with enough traffic.

    I don't know much about redirects, I have seen both html and php script to do it so that part doesn't seem difficult. So I think I can handle that part, I just dont know if lavaplace will boot me or what other programs I could qualify for, thanks in advance.

    edit: so when I send the link of my affiliate that reads datingsite.com/afilliateid=4543...., how do I hide the affiliate part?
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