Podcast:Are you doing content marking wrong?

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    Episode Note:
    It’s time for the latest round of “Content Marketing doesn’t work any more” stories. Can you tell these make me a little cranky?
    It’s official — content marketing has moved from the Gartner Hype Cycle “peak of inflated expectations” to the dreaded “trough of disappointment.”

    Yes, there’s an awful lot of content out there. And no, it’s not as easy as it used to be to see success with it. But we’re a long way from content death.

    If you’re worried that content marketing doesn’t work any more, let me put a few myths to rest.

    In this 18-minute episode, I talk about:

    • Why it’s good and healthy that content marketing is moving out of the silly hype phase

    • The very first thing you must get over if you want to create solid content

    • What makes good content

    • What makes good content marketing

    • A new resource that might help you out