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Nov 2, 2008
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i have a question for the forum
is pming and admin allowed
heres why i was wondering
i sent a pm to moderator bigbuddy
and he said its upto an admin.
i dont want to disturb an admin if
this isnt allowed

i have a question regarding i-trader
i have 1- itrader on my record.
not from a bad sale - or a payment issue -
but from a person i refused to sell to.
the story goes i do sign ups mon/fri
but not weekends because i dont work
weekends but i do answer pms. i replied
to a guy called @@@@@@ who wanted a proxie
account said ide do it Monday - he got mouthy
on skype - then posted in my sales thread how
members could rip my service off - apekillape
warned him to stop or else - and deleted the
how to scam my sales thread post.
the same guy then also gave me -1 i-trader.
for refusal to sell to him
is there any appeal of this as its nagged me
since march - i asked other donors and vip members
here but they were not sure
if it stands i abide by it but i was always curious
regards and thankyou for your time

ps members name was edited @@@@@
as i said was just curious
because it wasnt for a service failure
it was for a refusal to sell to.
even a mod warned him for advising
members how to scam my service.

whats always nagged me was - he was
warned and that post rempoved. but
the -1 he gave me stood. so im the only
person carrying a record of what happened
while hes clean
Seriously....800+ posts....Thanked 230+ times...and a rep of 33...

Trust is not an issue with you.
like i said i was just curious - i hadnt thought about
it in months until 1 of my first buyers from back then
mentioned it to me saying - shame about the -1 blemish
you didnt deserve - which was true -
so.... i just wondered .... theres an old saying though
1 blemish true or not for some will always make the odd
person think hmmmmm.
22+ or 1+ it will stand
i refused to sell to a mouthy person on skype
he posted in my sales how members can scam me
he gets a mod warning - and that post removed so
for him the post never happened. but that incident
cost me a -1 while what he did was deleted.
just niggles me
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