Plz give me some solid guidelines, I don't want to give up!

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm sorry for the title, I don't mean to be whining but I'm just in a very down moment right now. First of all, I want to say that I'm so so thankful for BHW and all of its generous members as I have learned so much from you guys.

    Some introduction: I'm a 25 year old student from Asia and studying in Europe. Im having a small grant to cover my basic living expenses so I'm not starving, but I dont speak the language of the country even though I'm trying to learn (my study program is in English) so its not easy getting a job here. However I dont want a job after graduation as I would really want to be successful in IM.

    I have been doing IM on and off from 2009 and I have tried so far:
    - Clickbank - product reviews - I got some sales and trying to scale up but its getting harder to get sales now. I get like one sale per month and even though I try to scale up, I dont seem to get more than that.
    - Adsense - I have one site that is 50 pages and around 300 visitors per day. I earn on the average $2/day on this site. But the earnings didn't change from the time when the site had only 20 something pages. I don't know why, most of the traffic come from organic searches.
    - I have tried with CPA offers (banners, youtube, Pinterest) but no money made there so far.

    As my study schedule is tight, I could only spend 3 hours max/day on IM. And I really do not have much money to invest on anything. I really need some real guidance on what I've done wrong, or what I should do as I have tried so many methods and don't seem to make anything work. Sometimes I'm very discouraged and just want to give up the whole thing but I don't want to be like all of my friends thriving to get a 9-5 job and a stupid boss.

    Any advice/direction/guidance would be so much appreciated. Thank you all so much!