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    I have a domain.c and domains.c its whitehat with some black streaks in it. <g> I currently have one just redirecting to keep anyone from easily competing with my wordpress site.

    Is there any benefit to running a backlink campaign on the one, then redirect as normal to the main domain or is that just redundant.. I was thinking during my backlinking campaign I can submit both with different anchors.

    What about taking all the top post via rss from the main site applying it to the second, then have it redirect to the main site.

    Anyone ever done this or have any ideas ? Just seems a waste as just a simple redirect.
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    The redirect will be counted in google as if the site had been linked directly to. So, it would be just like having 2 backlinks from the same page - not particularly more valuable than just one. If you mirrored some of the content (or even used a rel=canonical and mirrored the whole page) you might be able to rank both sites separately, which could be useful.
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