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    I couldn't find a section of the forum dedicated to PLR (private label rights) and those things similar to PLR (like master)...

    I was wondering if anyone knew any SERVICES that you could resell in your own name. Especially those related to social media.

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    Finding services that can be private labeled is as easy as the contacting service providers who offer them. I've actually done quite a bit of this in the past, so here's a few tips to go on:

    The problem that I have found with most "out of the box" type white label and private label services is that they generally charge you, the reseller, almost retail. It's enough work trying to build a client base with so much competition in that market without having to worry about selling your services for 500% over what they are worth.

    What you need to do is find a provider who offers the services you wish to sell who works reliably and cheap. Contact them about becoming a private label reseller, and try to give them an idea of how much business you can bring in the door. You'll find that most service providers will immediately jump on the idea because you are basically signing on as an independent salesperson for them, and regardless of what you charge, they get new business and book jobs off your work.

    Example: There are several social bookmarking services in the BST section here on the forum, and they range anywhere from $7-$10 for 125-150 social bookmarks. To you and I, that's a reasonable number for the services performed. But don't think for a second that there aren't people out there who wouldn't pay $99 or even $199 for that same service.

    Your pitch, your delivery and your follow up is what will justify the price to your clients. Setting up as a reseller in the above example would be relatively easy. You set up a front-end site, you charge your clients for services, you pay your providers to perform them, you white label the reports given to you before passing them on to your clients. Easy. And now you've got your foot in the door to upsell and offer more services to the same client (and we all know selling is WAY easier the second time around with the same prospect).

    So to answer the question in the OP - just about anything can be private labeled and resold, it just depends on how you choose to approach it. :)
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