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    After wasting much too much of my time trying to wrestle with oDesk writers (or are either hilariously optimistic about their understanding of the Queen's English, or are brilliant but as reliable as non-stick toilet paper) I'm looking for a reliable (and hopefully regular) re-writer. I've had a look in the BHW marketplace and there are plenty of great original copy writers, some of whom I have used, but I can't see any specific re-writers. I have also tried several virtual assistants, and am bewildered that the most talented VAs also seem to be the most unreliable.

    I have a regular need for PLR articles to be re-written in perfect English that will pass copyscape.

    I also regularly need sports news articles re-written.

    The price I'm prepared to pay depends on the quality you can offer me. I am a professional writer with very little time to spare, so I require re-written articles that require no additional editing on my part. I will purchase your services in batches of five or ten articles at a time.

    Please get in touch with examples of your works and your rates.
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