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    Nov 10, 2010
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    I made a tool for myself to automatically check if my websites (spread out over various hosts) are online & returning the desired results. This makes it really easy for me to determine if a new host is doing it's job correctly.

    I decided that it's probable that other people would find this useful aswel, so I'm making a PHP frontend for it to create jobs that the C++ program will then check every X seconds, and email the user if the URL did not produce the desired result.

    I'd like it very much if someone can help me pick out a nice layout for the website (from some free HTML source) because my design skills (and knowledge) are minimal, and I'd also like to ask you guys to stress test this by creating a job on the website yourself.

    As for getting this ranked, what would be a good keyword? There's no real simple way to describe a tool like this.. what would people looking for a service like this type into google? "Is my website online?" or maybe "check if website online" or even "website online checker" or something? I obviously need to know this before I can start making back links with scrapebox etc.

    So yeah, I'd love some help on this ;)


    You need to make an account so the system knows which jobs belong to who, but all you need to make an account is username & pass. If you spot a bug or anything, please let me know!