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    I'm just going to use a fictive keyword (lalalo) and competitor (tral). lalalo is my niche.

    The second best keyword for my niche is "tral lalalo" and this happens to be the domain name of my competitor. this keyword has a very low competition and should be easy to get high ranking on.

    In other words, people are directly searching for "tral lalalo" now do I understand it correctly that I should use this keyword in my title tags, header tags, meta tags etc? So basically, I'm adding the name of my competitors website all over my pages?

    Is this how it works? If yes, are these keywords hidden? It would be weird to have my competitors name in plain view all over my pages.

    Guys these questions probably are very elementary for you but I'm just started to learn SEO 24 hours ago so please help me learn. Pointing me t an article, video or book that covers this would also be greatly appreciated.

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    tral lalalo isn't really your competitors name, its the name of the actual keywords. Your compeitor happens to have a website with both those names in it.

    All you need to do is study what he has done with his site, and a couple of others you view as competition then make your better.

    Your job is to rank for as many relevant keywords as possible around this niche,

    You do this through content, speed, and reader retainship.

    Thats all you really need to know for now.
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    It depends on exactly what kind of product or service you have on your hands, but here is what you can do.

    First look carefully at his SEO and determine what he targets. If it is his domain name, then fine. But in many cases ( crap virtually every page I look at) the onpage SEO is not quite on target, and he is not as fully optimized for the keyword as he could be.

    Use this information to do your onpage SEO better than his. If he has the keyword in the titlle, description, and h1 tags, but not in the h2 and lower, match what he has done and do him one better by utilizing the h2 and h3 tags.

    However, when you do your content and headings, write in phrase match instead of exact match. To do this write your content so that "tral" and "lalalo" are separated by one or more words.

    So instead of saying "tral lalalo" you wuold say, "I saw my tral, the one with the lalalo, yesterday", Or get your tral and lalalo today"

    You can slip in a permutation of your keyword by doing something like this. "We have the tral style lalalos, of course, Tral meaning blue."

    You get the drift.

    This keeps the exact match of his domain off your site, and with your on page SEO targeting the phrase match properly, his lack of focus on the exact match should put you higher than him in the serps, because you hit phrase match so well and the LSI property of the permutations is a little extra juice.

    Don't worry, I almost never see a properly optimized site, onpage SEO wise, and there is almost always a hole you can exploit.
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