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    Three days back my website was having 15k visitors daily.Everything was looking fine but on 28th some weird things started happening.I started to drop off for one of my main keyword.When i checked in Google for the same keyword i saw another website which had replicated my websites title and the description, appeared on that same spot in Google, from no where.I thought it is just normal thing as the website appeared on and off for that keyword in SERPs.Then yesterday i checked the other two main keywords and the description had been replicated and the other website(suspicious website) had replaced mine for the same keywords in Google.The strange thing is that if i had bee penalized then, at least my website would appear somewhere in Google, but it is nowhere to be found,but rather the other website had taken my sites current positions.What should i do, kindly help me,does that mean my website could be hacked?? and traffic redirected to other website??.Also i checked cached pages of that websites and it is showing my website there i.e on 31/05/15.Kindly help me.:(
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