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    I have been on BHW for a while now, I actually making money from the ideas and from the info that I got here.

    And that is really cool.

    I have an ebay business selling magazine clippings, that I am going to shut very soon, may be just after Christmas, anyway I already downsized a lot.

    I am fed up of all the pain that happen dealing with people, with ebay and also all the other trouble.
    Example now from my country is forbidden to ship anything over 450 gr. to USA, may be the ban will be lifted may be no.

    So I have tons and tons of this magazine cuttings, mostly pictures, I would like to give good use to it, without sell and ship.

    They are all celebrity, music actors, etc.

    What do u think would be the idea to build a blog using this pictures, and earn from some revenue program, adsense may be, I know that the gossip and such topics are not big earners, but may be there should be a way.

    Just now writing is coming to my mind that some time in this pic the celebrity wear say, a gucci bag, or some kind of high end shirt.

    May be add the name of the celebrity with the garment, could drive people that are interest on both of them, and may be even convert.

    I dont know is just this morning toughts, I just got fed up of ebay, If I can earn few hundreds per month this way, more or less passive, I will be more than happy.

    Otherwise I will give to the paper guy that pass to collect in my area.

    Any idea and toughts more than welcome.

    Thank You

    I just noted the double L in the welcome in the title
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