Please recommend the latest (up to date) keyword research course - post Google Apocalypse

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by calichris432, Dec 30, 2012.

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    I don't mind paying a bit for the cream of the crop. I saw a course awhile back that went into detail on keyword research advanced concepts and then into structuring categories as well - it was very comprehensive and I really appreciated the thoroughness, though I lost course and forgot name :( but I think it was like 5 years old anyway.

    I'm hoping for some sort of current case study with panda - penguin / over optimized penalties addresed and how they relate to current best keyword research practices.

    Also interesting to hear from people who aren't so worried about Google rankings (traffic outside google) and how they approach keyword research with this mentality in mind - if any different than normal etc...?
    FYI I've searched quite a bit and checked archives etc... I would say I'm ok at basic keyword research and know about buyer intent, exact match etc...

    Always trying to pick up new insights, especially after all this Google nonsense :)

    any feedback would be appreciated
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    what keyword research has to do with latest google updates?

    anyway, search for "cyberzilla" threads in this forum. But there are more useful threads about keyword research.... just do a search realy :)