Please read : How to avoid making duplicate threads!

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    Hey BHW members,

    I know it's becoming a problem because some of the new members in our forum are not spending time to use the "search" function. Maybe they do not know if it exists or what not. So, I am taking some time to write this and educate some noobs out there!

    Would be happy if this is a sticky in some appropriate section. As of now I don't know if this is the appropriate section...any mod can kindly move it :)

    so as to the point...

    here in this thread i would explain by images on how to make use of search function and google to find any topic/thread before posting it here....

    so please read carefully and follow

    So the first thing we're going to cover is using the search function in this forum...

    so choose a topic you want to search...

    for instance, I want to know how to get twitter followers using twiends

    so now I follow the below steps:

    Firstly I find where the search function is on this forum


    after that I'll enter what I want to find


    Now I'll get so many results like this


    Now I'll scroll down until I need something related:


    You see? wasn't that easier than creating a duplicate thread and getting flamed at?

    Now let's see method #2...

    this includes searching via google

    so when you're using google, do the same thing but include "blackhatworld" in the search google pulls info from only BHW



    See wasn't that easier?


    Now stop doing annoying things!

    and please for GOD's sake stop starting threads like

    "Noob here there are animals living in my pants! PLEASE HELP!"

    Just stop it and let's keep this place neat :)

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