[PLEASE READ] About Promoting Facebook Fanpages. Important!

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    Here i come again,

    I am still researching how not to fall into facebook's ban since i just created a fantastic application where people will fill surveys and get paid via amazon giftcard while ************** pays me for all the surveys that they fill.

    Now, i was checking through Facebook terms and saw this:

    Promoting your Facebook Page outside Facebook

    While Facebook Ads are effective at driving word-of-mouth marketing for your Facebook Page on the site, we also recommend promoting your Page externally to help spread the word to new customers and fans.

    When promoting your Page off Facebook, encourage your customers to interact with your Facebook Page and show their support as ?fans?. The more fans that interact with your Page, the more opportunities your business has to generate interesting social stories that can spread virally through Facebook. A Facebook Page thus provides you with powerful ways to generate awareness, connect with your customers, and build relationships with your fan base on Facebook.

    We have provided the following guidelines to help you clearly and effectively promote your Page outside the Facebook site. You are required to adhere to these guidelines when promoting your Facebook Page, so please read them carefully. Please note that Facebook reserves the right to remove or disable access to any Facebook Page that violates our Terms of Use or our Promotional Guidelines below.

    What does this imply? Can i promote my application/fan page using pp, stumble upon and other medium of adverstising?

    Here's the link to the full term: http://www.facebook.com/promotions_guidelines.php