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Dec 19, 2011
Hey guys, im new to black hat, and i have a simple situation.

I want to develop 8 separate facebook accounts. One time shot, basically set facebook up, like a few pages, friend a few, and then im done with it.

I've tried this already, setting up 8 facebook accounts, but i got hit with the phone verification, been trying to settle it out and find routes, but it all got too fustrating and lead me places i dont want to go.

I find proxies as my answer, and would recieve feedback!
For facebook and making more than a couple accounts.... you can just google proxies and come up with 400 private use ones. They work fine if your doing it longhand (filling them out by hand) and has been quite successful in the past. and there free!
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yeah, im not too sure what you mean by longhand, but I am creating separate email accounts, and creating the facebooks in the same fashion.

So, I just google proxies, or private proxies and get a list of about 400?

I don't know what to do after that, I run google Chrome but have used firefox and internet explorer and am computer savvy. I read more about proxies on here, but I don't think my situation pertains to the masses here looking to create 100's at one time. Any suggestions beyond this point?
cool Kanonig, thanks. And to use these, follow the steps in the sticky on this proxies forum?
would buy, like to test proxies first. can i also use a VPN like HMA for projects like these?
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