Please: Need to contact Facebook ... !!!

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    2 days ago, all my official pages in my profile were deleted from Facebook. The reason: one admin was doing sh*t on his pages (but NOT on my page on which he was admin), and his profile was disabled, as well all pages he created. Since he was admin on one of my pages too, Facebook might have thought I did something wrong and it deleted all my official pages.

    I have contacted Facebook through many forms, no answer.
    I have spent a lot of money to support and admin these pages. I spent a lot of time, too, to make them what they were. On of them had 360,000 Likes, gained through many years. There is NO REASON to disable my pages, as I was not involved in what the other admin did on his pages. This is completely nonsense.

    Please, could anyone tell me how I can directly contact Facebook, maybe give me the profile of an admin, ... I just want to speak to an intelligent person who will restore my pages. I will be very, very thankful !!!

    If anyone helps me recover those pages, I will give him a 520,000 fans page (France - Canada fans).

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    you just need to wait there is no 100% sure way to contact fb...... so keep on trying