Please, help ! Where to sell a FR Amazon and Adsense Affiliate website ?


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Jul 14, 2011
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Thanks for taking the time to read this.

First, sorry for the quality of the English. I'm a French Native.

Now, As the title said, I'm searching a place to quickly sell an FR (France) Website that makes money mostly with Amazon Affiliate and some bucks with Adsense.

I have new other opportunities in front of me, and I need some cash to start them. So I want to sell.

The website is making around 2 000 € per month at the moment, but it is because I didn't really work on it during 2017. During 2016, the monthly revenue was an average 3 500 €.

The domain is aged : Since 2012. But I've only started working on the website 3 years ago. And Like I said, I didn't work a lot on it last year (2017)

Not a lot of linkbuilding done too. So Someone with those skills should be happy to have this website in their hands.

I'm giving alll this information, because I hope that someone that once sold a FR website somewhere will answer me. I tried most of the websites selling platforms and forums out there, and They all said the same thing : They don't accept FR websites.

Your answer will be really appreciated.

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