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Please help !! Urgently !

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by sam002, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. sam002

    sam002 Newbie

    May 15, 2011
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    I am really disappointed with myself as I made a big mistake and got the URL totally removed from Google. Here is the story and I request the pros to please suggest me someway to recover from this blunder.

    My site was doing pretty well in Google search result until I read this article where it said, shorter is the permalink, higher is the change of better Google ranking. I was fool to believe that article without much research.

    The article explained how the https://ads.digitalpoint.com/go.php?k=traffic of a particular site increased drastically when this owner changed the permalink of a POST (not talking permalink structure in wordpress). He said this post was on second page for a good keyword but when he changed permalink of this POST, the article jumped to #5th !

    I decided to try that and changed the permalink of this post of my blog which was on 2nd page for a good keyword. In this article it wasn't told that when we change permalink of a post, we need to setup re-direction to new permalink as well.

    I thought I made good changes and soon I will see the results and decided to waited for like one week. After one week, suddenly my post disappeared (probably because of 404 errors) from Google search results and this newly created permalink got indexed separately.

    I checked in Google with query "site:mysite.com" so that all the indexed pages show up in results. All the pages showed up (Google indexed the newly created permalink separately and old one was removed) but the old permalink didn't.

    I did bit of research and found, we have to set redirection as well whenever we change permalink of a POST and immediately installed redirection plugin (this is a wordpress blog). Here the problem was, I didn't have old permalink so I took help from way back machine tool and found old permalink and finally re-directed the old permalink to new one.

    Now my problem is, the old permalink is not indexed anymore and new one doesn't show up for this keyword, How can I recover the ranking? What should I do from below options?:

    1. Should I change the permalink back to old one? (but I think it will again index it separately).
    2. Since I set redirection, I will get the ranking back after few days?
    3. All the links I created for old permalink will get re-directed to new one since I set redirection and I'll get the ranking back?
    4. Should I try to submit the old permalink in Google? (may be through Google Web Master Tool -fetch as Google? or any other option)

    If none of the above option is appropriate, what the best I can do?
  2. spider4567

    spider4567 Regular Member

    Jan 5, 2016
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    How does your permalink looks like now?
    1)Optimized: www.example.com/your-content-is-king
    2)Non-optimized: www.example.com/2016/11/02/your-content-is-king/

    Let's say currently you are using number 1 permalink. Changing permalink means you changed URL which means all the backlinks to www.example.com/2016/11/02/your-content-is-king/ wont be able to pass to www.example.com/your-content-is-king unless you do redirection, your ranking should bounce back up because by redirect means 301 so it will pass back the link juice you had before.

    IF you did not do any backlinks but ranking drop, then just fetch the current permalink to tell google you have changed something.
  3. sam002

    sam002 Newbie

    May 15, 2011
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    Hi Spider,

    Thanks for the reply. The thing is I am SEO itself but I keep on experimenting with new things. My bad I tried it this time with my best performing site. I feel I am dumb to do that.

    My old structure was like http://www.myexamplesite.com/how-to-get-social-signals-fast and I changed it to
    New URL is like : http://www.myexamplesite.com/get-social-likes

    Now the problem is, I forgot to re-direct old to new one for about 7 days. For like 7 days, the old URL stayed in Google results but on 8th day it got removed since I didn't set re-direction. The new URL indexed separately.

    How can I get exact same ranking for the keyword it was ranked before I changed permalink.

  4. Peter Ngo

    Peter Ngo Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Apr 23, 2013
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    I browse BHW for a living
    The Internet
    That sounds like a silly mistake but no biggie.

    Set up your old link up again and redirect your new link --> old link.

    When your ranking recover, you then redirect old link to your new link as you were suppose to test.

    I have seen the ranking comes back before so just wait and see. Good luck.