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Discussion in 'Instagram' started by edbert, Apr 2, 2015.

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    hi all,before asking i will like to tell ya little hystory about me.
    i am not progremer,i am not blogger,i have online shop on fb and ig.
    2 days after see BHW forum i am really interesting to make money from shoutout on IG.
    yesterday i have buy FL unlimited IG version,but when i looking on my blank/new IG account i am really confusing what need i post
    i have idea to make IG account with niche fashion,humor etc on indonesia only language.

    i have 3 question :
    1.i am only make indonesia language IG,so i must use proxy on my own country?
    2.i have learn about follow/unfollow/like/comenting with FL. but,how to set (what to do) "spam account" to help grow "main account"?
    3. (this is the most importand) where can i got idea or material for my main account posting?

    thx for u all,sorry for noob question.
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    1. no u dont have to use indonisia proxy as far as i am concerned , also if u run up to 5 acounts you dont need proxy at all
    2.there are plenty of guides here that show what to do with new accounts. i opend acount and i follow max 500 a day and i still didnt get banned ( thats new account) older acount i started following almost 1000 and still was good get photos go on google and search example : niche is fashion so you search > fashion girls tumblr .
    google will find you blogs look for sites that end with and pick the ones with the best photos
    then get a tumbler image downloader (you can search up here i posted one a week ago ) and justt download all the images form the blogs

    hope i helped
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    May 13, 2014
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    I have a simmilar questions. First of all IG limmits. And then, i have one really good account and some spamer accounts. Iwould like to help de good account, wich I don't use in FL with the spamers accounts, but I don't know how.