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    Maybe its offtopic but i still want to say that.
    I love one girl but she dont know about it, and i cant say it to her, becouse she has his own family, kids , boyfriend. I wont broke his life , but i want say to all world that i love her so much since school. I lost my chance to say it about love becouse i was so stupid idiot, i thought it end one day, but it feeling still killling me. I want to send my last message to her and say that i still loving her, i want to wish her all good and that she be happy.

    I want to send as much messages as possible to social networks , blogs, everywhere where it is possible to post, i want that one day she find my message and maybe remembe me.

    I need programs that can do it, submmiters , everything that can post text .
    Can you please help me , i just need to know name of programs.... it takes years if i do it manually , but i will do it anyway.

    Thank you
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    Scrapebox, Xrumer and any software like senuke or ultimate demon. Use AMR about articles. Best of luck.
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    Scrapebox is a good choice for posting comments in guest books.
    Using UltimateDemon, Xrumer, GSA you'll be able to post texts to artilce sites, wikis and etc.
    Also you can create website and post some message there.

    How old are you? Maybe you can just buy flowers and present them to her? :)