Please Help, I Cant get traffic in my website

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    Hi, im just a newby here in BHW, and current also a noob in the website marketing.
    I applied in google adsense and definitely got denied 13 times.
    It was all about my address. I cant believe making 10 gmails and still denied. So i started using adbrite. is there any can help me for free on how to send traffic? and bulk emails?
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    Optimize your website for starters.

    Make sure your keyword density is 2% - 3% meaning for every 100 words, your main keyword is in there 2 - 3 times.

    Make sure you have a site map or interlink your pages with hyperlinks.

    Use header tags so that the search engine spiders will love your site :D

    After you do those things then start to get backlinks from every type of site you can think of :)

    At first your site may drop off of the face of the planet but it will come back. This is called the "Google Dance" and it's good for new sites. It just means that Google is trying to place you in the right place :)

    Those are just some basics but I hope it helped :)

    **** Add On ****

    I forgot to mention Titles and Meta tags.

    Make sure your title has your main keyword in it once.

    And have your meta description have your main keyword along with your secondary keyword in it once also.

    This will help the search engines classify your site easier.
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    Read the forum like every other noob that starts a "I am noob plz give me advice" thread.

    You will not get any different advice then that which has all ready been given in similar themed threads.