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Dec 12, 2018
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Hi there! So, as mentioned in the title, I am a newbie here (came here looking for proxies, and i gotta admit that i'm slowly being sucked in) lol.

I was wondering if anyone could please help me.

I am in ukraine. I want to be able to set-up and log in to every once in a while and use, different accounts on same sites. The accounts are all USA and the sites are all US. but i couldnt' even log into my old, personal ebay without it getting suspended for suspected fraud

So i realize that i am doing something very wrong. Here are my questions:

- is it best to use proxy AND vpn? or just proxy will suffice? (if i am not stealth and don't care if my real ip is logged anywhere)

- 4g mobile or residential proxies? and what is the difference for my purposes? and does anyone know of any good, stable merchants?

- do i use different browsers all-together for each account? or is there a way to use the same browser but different profiles?
-what is the best browser? any recommendations?
- when would i need to save (export cookies)? what is the best cookie manager extension?
- actually are there any specific really good extensions that i need?
- do i need a proxy manager?
- how do i know my real ip is completely hidden?

- do i need user-agent switcher? everytime i tried to use one of these, none of the sites would work (i.e. they could obviously see that there was something not right with me) - how do i prevent this?

thank you!!!!!!


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May 31, 2014
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It's been a while since I've used proxies, But I think what you may be looking for are dedicated proxies and a proxy manager. Obviously paid. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.


Sep 12, 2021
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Residential proxies are better, keeping and working on the same ip for a period of time makes you more trustworthy. I would not recommend using VPN's in any scenarios, even those you paid for.
You can create multiple users on your pc for each ebay account, but it seemed so bulky for me, so I created multiple portable mozilla firefoxes - 1 browser for 1 ebay account with it's own cookies and etc. There are some anti-detect browsers that allow multiple profiles for your needs, but I think portable firefoxes with Foxyproxy add-on are just enough, if You don't wanna spend some extra cash.


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May 2, 2010
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You have to be careful the software you are using doesn't leak your real ip address, amongst other things when using your proxy. If you connect through a browser, you need to block webrtc, as well as canvas.

There are many "what is my ip address" that will test your "real" ip! and find the same holes the companies do.