please guys I need you help :(

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    I have bought Magic submitter and I already watched all the training videos.
    I know how to use the software, but when I build a campaign something is just TOTALLY WRONG !

    when I link between the money site and the bookmarks , blogs , and other services that I want to promote everything is just fine.
    but when it comes with backlink my backlinks it's just not working ! instead of promoting my blogs by bookmarks and rss , the MS is promoting my money site again !
    I don't know why it's working like this, I connect between the icons exactly like I see in the videos, guides and other informations...I spent the whole weekend just for solving this problem......I added 5 pictures of my steps, maybe if some of you use MS and he's willing to help me it will be more than awesom - I have more than 100 customers that I need to promote and i need to build a lot of campaigns, this is very urgent !





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