Please give me some suggestions about my SEO strategy

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    Today my boss give me a website let me make a SEO strategy。After study keywords in this website,I found there are 6 words in thiswebsite。3 words search amount is under 1000. Rest of the 3 words search amonut is from 1300-7000.
    Now,I will write my strategy and hope you guys correct my faults and give me more suggestions to make my SEO easier。
    I Keyword anchor test.
    1.I write all these 6 words in title as my keywords.the easy 3 words write in front part of the keywords,the 3 hard words write following.
    2.Every day if I make 100 backlinks to this website. I use 3 easy words as anchor text to make 40 links to which (If you think use 3 key words will define as spam or other thoughts,please let me know).In this 40 links I use 28 links link to my home page.12 links to these 3 words index page.
    3.In this 12 links I make 6 links link to my first key word index page.Within rest of 6 links, 3 link to second key word index page,3 link to third keyword page.
    II Extension Keyword anchor test:
    4.I said I make 100 backlinks in a day.In key word part I use 40 links. I will use several extension keyword as anchor test to make 30 links.In this 30 links I make 21 link to index.6 link to my main products pages.3 link to my subdomain blog which is in belong to the same website.
    III Synonym keyword anchor test:
    5.In this part of word I will use sevaral Synonym keyword anchor test to make 20 backlinks link to my products pages.
    IV Domain part:
    This means I use my Domain as anchor test to make backlink,This is about 10 links link to my home pages.
    This is my SEO strategy.If you think there is something need improve or somethings wrong even you have high-efficency strategy.Please tell me to help me to correct my faults.
    Waiting for your reply and have a nice day.
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    I guess it's better for us or even your boss to know your strategy by doing up a diagram?
    Instead of typing as it's Picture present thousand words. Hope this help. :)
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    u can see other's diagram about SEO strategies , which is shared many times in this forum. Of course i dont recommend u to copy others, but use those to make ur own

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    I think its quite good
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    My suggestion:

    1.) 6 keywords in the title? Is the humanly readable? If not, it is spam
    2.) 100 backlinks a day? Well what kind of backlinks are they and how old is your site? If your site is new, then 100 a day, probably is too many. It may trigger alarm from Google
    3.) others? Don't quite understand. Especially the domain part? Are you going to register a "keyword-stuffed" domain? If yes, I will suggest, forget it, it is not going to work.

    SEO is NOT just about triggering the search engine to rank your site, after all human will visit it and read the content, so
    you should build a user-friendly as well as a search engine friendly site, not a site that produce nothing but spam.

    Hopes that help