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    Basics of the offer:

    • 20% off all sales revenue
    • We will provide affiliates with all ads and media to promote ETB
    • We will provide custom training
    • All sales are tracked by a trackable link and/or coupon


    We want to work directly with you to help you become a successful part of our business! Eat the Bear is considered one of the fastest growing sport nutrition companies in the US, and was rated as ?one-to-watch? micro brands in the country by USA Today.
    We provide marketing and promotional support to all accepted affiliates. This includes 1 on 1 training, web support and affiliate workshops along with specific ETB product training. This also includes marketing and promotional support for affiliates such as BOGO?s, custom deals, T-shirts, Samples ,Free Shipping, etc). If we can lend a hand to make you successful, we?re all about it!
    How Does it Work?

    All affiliates are initially qualified to receive a commission percentage of net sales. Average sales on are typically around $100 per customer. These sales are tracked in two basic ways: custom referral links and coupon codes. Upon acceptance into the program, we provide you with a customization referral link (tracks up to 30 days), and a coupon code to provide people you?re referring to ETB. Sales percentages will increase with performance as you?re accepted into the program. We will only be offering affiliate positions for a limited time!


    ETB Fit is a sports nutrition-based lifestyle business, providing clean and lean supplements to support pure achievement. We seek to engender a sense of mental and physical well-being to encourage and enable individuals to overcome obstacles and push through life?s challenges. You never compromise, neither do we!

    ETB stands for ?Eat the Bear.? A work colleague of ours who was diagnosed with Leukemia a number of years ago used to remind us during challenging times that ?Some days you eat the bear, and some days the bear eats you.? As a constant reminder that we are in control of our lives personally, physically and professionally, we continually remind ourselves to ?Eat the Bear? every day without exception.
    ?Some days you eat the bear, and some days the bear eats you.?
    ETB Fit is a fitness community, connecting members with personal athletes and other fitness minded individuals in support of personal wellness. By combining an active social platform and the highest quality sports nutrition and gear available, ETB Fit assists members as they work together to achieve their highest fitness and wellness goals. Did you know that ETB:

    • Is free of banned substances.
    • Discloses ALL ingredients on the labels.
    • Sources ALL ingredients from within the United States.
    • Supports clean and lean athletics by taking an active role in the communities of our customers to ensure the right education of young athletes and the responsible use of sport nutrition products.
    • Provides customers with direct access to ETB?s sponsored athletes for training and nutritional guidance?for FREE!


    At ETB Fit, we believe that an extremely personalized and bespoke approach is the best way to achieve the fitness and wellness results that you desire. In our lives, we face many challenges each and every day. To that end we passionately believe:
    Life is too short not to prioritize your own personal well-being.
    Inspired, motivated people not only get results, they encourage the best from those around them.
    If we surround ourselves with the right people, no challenge is so great that it cannot be overcome.
    We understand that reaching your fitness goals is more complicated than taking supplements, reading books, watching DVDs or one?s own desire. Yet we also believe that, by utilizing appropriate, functional training methods and positive reinforcement, we can simplify the process and bring those goals within reach.

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    You have a really great terms. The comission is okay, custom training is also a great point. I'd consider such program. If you'd like some critics to maybe futher improvement of your program, I'd say that there're is a point you don't have (which some of your competitor affiliate programs have) - it's creation of the custom promo materials on affiliates request.
    Also you didn't include information about minnimum threshold and terms of payment which is extremely important for affiliates.