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    Hey Blackhats,

    I am just working on my first Amazon Affiliate-Site. I would love to hear your commands!

    The Niche
    I did a market research and found a niche thats nearly untouched.
    Its an electronic device with an seach volume of about 20.000 seaches per month in my country (including synonyms and secondary stuff)
    The average price is about price per product is about 150$.

    The Competition
    There is no Website focusing on this niche in the serps yet. Websites that focus on this product are only found in AdWords.
    Here are the Top 3 in the SERPS (all data from Majestic SEO)

    Position CF TF Backlinks to URL Domains to URL Website
    1 26 35 5 5 Broad Test&Compare Website for all Products
    2 n/a n/a n/a n/a Amazon
    3 31 35 13 3 Broad Test&Compare Website for all Products

    The Plan
    I just left my job as a 9 to 5 AdWords Pro & White-Hat-Slave of an Online-Travel-Agency. Don't wanna work any longer for our Big Spying Brother but against him :cool:

    I have no more job so I want to generate an Income fast. As I learned it takes some time nowadays to storm the SERPs. Therefore I will build two Websites:

    1. I will start with a Parasite Churn&Burn-Website in Wordpress: I will add the 5 best-selling products in this category and the 5 most expensive products in this category to my website. I will make a ranking-table and call it "the 10 best xyz in 2014". I will also rewrite the best description for these prodcuts i find and add some nice pics. I will add several CTAs and "Read more" - Buttons that link to the Amazon Website. As soon as it is finished i will buy some Fiverr gigs for the backlinking. This is the short-term-Website, i want to use it for experiments and hopefully rank it fast and generate a small income.
    2. I will make a longterm-website with my BPN. High Quality self hosted Wordpress. I will use one of those Amazon WP themes that allows you to import the data from Amazon and rewrite stuff by hand. I will design a great Logo. I plan to do a very slow and steady Linkbuilding.

    Any commands or suggestions? What do you think of this plan?

    If you are interested i will inform you guys about my progress. (Please write in here if u are interested, i don't wanna spam this place with boring stuff)

    Last but not Least: Thanks very much for all the knowledge you share! I am reading here since 6 month and you guys motivated me to quit the "9 to 5 - Slavery" and start my own projects. You thought me much more in this time than all the Whitehats in my company in 2 years! Thanks you guys!!!!
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