Please Advice - 419 or Not

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    This is the email that was dumped into my mate's mailbox:

    Pick up/View is not possible now because the car is now stored with a shipping company as I am working on an oil rig, doing 12hr shifts of 13day fortnights of days, 24hrs off then 13nights and mainly 6wks or 3mths in and only 1wk out.I want to tell you that we will use ebay in this transaction in order for both of us to be 100% protected and insured by them, eBay will supervise over our transaction. They will take care of the shipping (The car is already at the shipping company with all papers and documents ready to be shipped) and all the small details. You will get the car and you will have 5 calendar days return-policy in which you can decide if you will buy the car or not. In the inspection period you can test the vehicle, go with the vehicle at your local mechanic for inspection, but do not put more then 100 miles on it.After your inspection period (5 calendar days) is over, in case you won't like the car(I assure you that is NOT going to happen since my car is in IMMACULATE condition) you will notify eBay and you will send the car back on my expense. If you decide to keep it you will also announce eBay and they will release the payment details to me. Please get back to me with your FULL NAME &FULL ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER so i can forward your details to eBay in order for you to receive your purchase invoice and if you will agree with what will find in the invoice will go from there,eBay will contact you with an invoice and they will explain you how to start this transaction. All the details and instructions for this transaction will be found in the invoice and you will see this transaction is legit. If you will disagree with the transaction proposed by eBay, you can simply refuse to continue with the transaction and would be no problem, i still have a few offer's left. REMEMBER THAT I WON'T GET ANY MONEY UNTIL YOU DON'T CONFIRM TO EBAY THAT YOU WANT TO KEEP THE CAR

    What are your thoughts on it? :)
    Please break it down.
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    Jun 18, 2010
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    announce to ebay? yeah.. they have a team of guys awaiting his "schedule problems", get real, this is a scam!!
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    Jun 12, 2010
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    This could be a scam, there are some pirated ebay sites. Be careful. How did you find out about this? Also, if you do decide to take the car, make sure no one follows you just in case you pay and then some one comes and steals your car.
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    Planet Earth ≡ This was just a first step; in time
    These things are ALWAYS scams... Tell him you'll only use for payment.