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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by dynander, Oct 30, 2009.

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    I was having a chat with a friend, and one question arose, a question that now I ask to all of you, people that knows black hat seo ;)

    If I put a H1 tag, but with small font (by CSS), and then I put a DIV with bigger font size, google will get angry?

    What about a H1 tag with small font, and then an image with the real title, so google can't parse it? what do you think guys?
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    Hi, I think that a general rule of thumb would be to look at the page and see if it looks suspect. I mean, using CSS to display a div off the right hand side of the screen full of keywords is BH and frowned upon.

    If you use H1 and make the font unreadable then that again is pointless from a viewers perspective and once again BH.

    If you use the H1 tag to emphasize *some* parts of the page then that is ok, if you do it for every word then once again, what's the point other then SEO.

    My point is this, if you are going to use CSS for SEO you should be able to justify why and when you used it. Hidden divs and h1 keyword stuffing are well known techniques and will most likely get you in trouble :D

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    Only use H1 once and do as you want with it, because a bot won't notice and extremely doubtful a human will notice if you have an H1 tiny and a DIV massive. Rather than use a div though, use another Heading tag, like H6 or something.

    I have a site with H1 tags -999px and i've never had any issues. I consider it only just grey hat myself. I should really change it as i'm a firm believer in keeping proper sites whiter than white. If you're going to go a little way, i always think i may as well go the whole fucking hog. I only use H1 once, H2 3 or 4 max, H3, H4, etc. with almost reckless abandon, but normally instead of a bold weight, or for little sub-sub-headers.