Planning to run few ads,Need help!

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    My campaign is to sell weight loss diet plan.
    My site is up now and I am slowly working on seo myself.
    However since the niche is just a diet plan and not physical product I am planning to run few ads to see if it works for sales.
    I am a bit confused with what to try first? I have two options for now,1 Adwords, 2 Facebook ads.
    I am going to manage my budget is such a way so I can give try to adwords,fb and bing of course.
    I'd like to get suggestion from you guys what should I start first? Please choose your option below and mention a small logical reason why you believe that advertiser is fair for first try.

    1. Facebook
    2. Adwords
    3. Bing

    Sorry if this is wrong section I cannot understand where to post it.
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    You can post your questions related to PPC here;

    FB ads does allow weight loss, but its heavily regulated and they ban ads account fast for the smallest mistakes (i.e if you break any of their terms). So you want to take time and read all of their ad terms before you run any ads in that niche or run ads on FB in general.

    Adwords, is more lenient. But the cost per click might be more expensive. But the traffic might be more targeted since someone is specifically looking for information on "XYZ" at that particular time.

    Bing is like adwords, but even more lenient.

    You might be better off sending visitors to a landing page and getting them to sign up to your news letter/email list to get some free info/ebook on the subject, then soft sell them CB/CPA offers related to the niche down the road.