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    Promotion and optimization of the company's website is one of the most effective advertising channels. The question is to match a professional team of SEO-specialists, avoid falling prey and increase the effectiveness of Internet advertising? Knowing the structure of some schemes by which the SEO specialist rip off their clients will help to pay attention to the important.

    Payment For Displaying The Contextual Advertising

    The first thing you need to know about contextual advertising (Google AdWords) is to pay only for clicks. But many "gifted" SEO-specialists manage to receive money only for context displays. The surest way not to be turned by this is to surf via Internet and understand it works.

    Contextual Advertising Is Sold As A Search Promotion

    This «scam" works weather with the starter businessmen, or with entrepreneurs who are willing to pay money and do not want to have even a minimal idea about Internet marketing. So, for example, you can sell optimization and search promotion for thousands of dollars a month and spend only hundred dollars for AdWords and set a high price click (so the ad will be published in the TOP), make a screenshot of this "successful" issue and send it to the customer. The scheme is quite elementary and is based only on one fact – lack of information. Therefore, there is only one way out: before ordering any services to promote and optimize the site, find out at least a minimum of information on how they work.

    Website Promotion By Meaningless Requests

    Quite often the negligent marketers "plugging" to their clients absolutely inefficient inquiries such as "metal", "wooden", assuring that they will increase sales, for example, for doors. Naturally, this does not give any results.
    The easiest way to know the effectiveness of a request is to look at your product through the eyes of a buyer and think about what queries you would be looking for yourself or other products and services. You can also select keywords using the Google AdWords Keyword Planner and WordStat.

    Bots + Click Fraud = Empty Traffic

    Bot sets and click fraud are a big problem for effective Internet marketing.

    To distinguish a bot from a real person becomes more and more difficult, because they have learned to simulate almost everything: from browser settings and correct headers to user actions.

    There are already whole bot sets that generate thousands of conversions, clicks, views, completely useless to the customer, as the conversion percentage is zero.

    Unfortunately, none of web analytics system shows that bots come to you, so only common sense is here to help. Pay attention to what visitors do on your site, whether there are purchases and whether traffic is converted.

    Useless SMM
    Social networks are an integral part of our life, including business. But at the same time, it is a favorable environment for various bots, who very competently generate content and comments, are added to friends on your company profile, put on likes, make reposts and many other pleasant but completely useless actions. The best way to protect against such an SMM is to use your brain.

    If the Internet marketer guarantees you the exact figures of friends, likes, comments and other activity of users, then it is worthwhile to be on the alert. It's the same as saying that in a month your company will love 100 people.

    Of course, in any business there are many unscrupulous companies that want to cash in on inexperience and ignorance of partners, customers, customers. Therefore, in order not to become a victim of fraud, but to choose an educated Internet marketer, you need to remember a few rules:

    · Always have the access to the accounts which your contractors use.

    · Use the additional analytics system that ignores the labels of contextual advertising.

    · Disable personalization search before reviewing the results.

    · Use your brain. If you sell 1 dollar for 50 cents, then you need to think about it.

    And the most important – none of Internet marketer can guarantee positions in the TOP or their consistency. At a minimum, because the work of search engines does not depend on it. And you need to remember that quality SEO is a long time and requires investments. Therefore, if you are promised your site will be in TOP after 2 months for 200$ - say goodbye to your money (and sometimes the site). At best-case scenario - you will not do anything, at worst - the site will have to be done from very beginning. There are objective terms and guarantees and there is no "magic" in SEO.
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