Pissed off with Online Earnings

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    Dec 31, 2009
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    Hey I'm a teen and I want hard cash. I know wordpress well and run a blog too. Once I got success with adsense earned round 200$ and got banned. And that was some years ago. Then I became a freelancer earned around 1000$ and that was just one time too and not recurring like. After that I didn't make any money

    I read a lot on blackhat but their isn't a working way for me for earning. Once setup some autoblogs and adsense got banned

    I need someone help to start earning like fixed 100$/day. I need money for my college and do some donations (charity work). Whoever helps me in earning hard cash will be my partner in my future projects
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    Apr 13, 2012
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    You won't find any quick get rich schemes anywhere on the internet. it's all bullshit, you have to put effort into making money online. Don't expect anyone to take you under there wings. You need to take a step back, focus on starting one project and work on that until you start earning that first $1, when you have that first $1 then you replicate the same way you made the first $1 and ramp it up.

    Get yourself a pen and paper, jot down every way to make money be it :

    List building
    affiliate marketing
    facebook marketing
    etc... there are a million ways to earn money online, but no one will spoon feed you. money online requires effort!

    Once you have as many methods or ideas on making money, choose one idea and stick to it until you make $1, yes it's a small target but once you make that first $1 with that method, you just need to replicate what you did.

    Why not try freelancing again? why not start a fiverr business up? there are many ways, but i'll tell you know, not many people have the time to take you under there wing and spoon feed you, we all have our own businesses here.