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    I figured I'd come here and relay my experience since I just got through dealing with a suspension on my main Pinterest account and a lot of people are getting into it at the moment. I don't fear telling my story and spreading the knowledge, since my method involves being pretty much legit. My info comes straight from the horse's mouth, from all my experience ewhoring I'm pretty good at acting out the fake persona online and I tend to get customer service reps to talk more when I really try. I of course can't quote the guy verbatim but I did find a surprising tidbit of info from him.

    In short, I repinned a pin that lead to a wrong destination on a big brand board, someone let me know, I went to the pin to change the URL to the legit destination and tripped a automated spam lock. The customer service rep told me personally in specific detail that was the action that caused the lock.

    *As a side note, when I got back in I noticed the pin was still going like wildfire. I didn't know wtf to do. I finally got the balls to visit the pin again, and just deleted it. That worked with no problems. I forgot to check if the URL was the old one or the new one.

    I don't think I had ever edited the URL of a pin before, I didn't even know you could do that, to be honest. The pin was getting a lot of traffic, I believe it was up to 50+ repins in a few hours. When I got a msg from someone that it was bad, I visited the pin. I didn't want to delete it if I didn't have to, and I saw the option to change the URL. I googled and found a legit source, changed the URL and within seconds got kicked out.

    I didn't freak out at all because I run legit and am familiar with the suspension process, to me I figured it would be a lot like twitter, and it was. All you do is follow their process, write ONE message, clear and concise, very polite yet very serious, and as much as you want to keep hollering at them, you just wait. Just send one really good message, and just wait. Don't keep trying to log into the account etc. Works with twitter and worked with pinterest.

    Now, after this happened, I started thinking. I mean, think about it. You could pin a lot of things, wait for the pins that really take off viral, then go back and switch the URL in them. Kindof a good idea. BUT. I had never done this before, and got tripped on the FIRST attempt, and the URL I was changing the pin to was 110% legit. Why? I mean, a user MUST be able to use that feature, since the feature is there. Only reason I could think of, is that the pin in question was on a group board of a big national brand. It only stands to reason that pinterest is going to protect those brands that are paying to advertise and are making them money.

    TLDR; don't edit the url on pins on powerful boards, if you pin something bad just delete it. I would advise not editing urls at all, really. They are apparently watching that shit pretty closely.
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    Thanks for the headsup! I didnt know you could edit the URL's either lol (after being a few months on pinterest). I mostly used pinbot for pinning because you can just scrape pics and repost them with your own URL and set how many times it should use your URL etc.
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    thanks for the information
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    Thanks! Lost three accounts autoposting from sites. Like you said just want to holler which I didn't but still got nowhere with appeal bit different though as they come back with not adding value to the site. Anyway thanks again