Pinterest Group Boards + Adsense + Content Curation = Bann?

Discussion in 'Pinterest' started by DonnieBrasco, Aug 5, 2015.

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    Hello BHW Community

    I now work since 2 months with adsense+pinterest and curated content (10% of the original article + read more button).

    A friend of mine used this technique over the last year and none of his adsense accounts got banned, i tried to research myself if that can get you banned (stealing content is forbidden, but many authority sites also just curate content and use adsense perfectly fine) but i couldnt find a legit answer, since i send daily 5-10.000 visits to the original author and generate more adsense revenue for them i dont think its a particular bad thing, if i would just copy the whole article and dont place a source or read more button the situation woul be different.

    I try to stay below 80€ a day and <10% ctr in order to to avoid getting a manual review.

    If curating content wouldnt be against the TOS i would not have to use multiple adsense accounts and could just work with a single one once i scale my technique up.

    I hope someone will post a helpful answer, thank you in advance!


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    Well its kind of like you say. If you stay under the radar you should be ok.

    Adsense will ban you even if you try and stick to the rules and you get a manual review.

    I was working with someone once and we ranked for a 500k-1mil kw so were suddenly earning up to $200 per day. All was legit clicks and super high ctr.

    The content was original but they still found something to ban us for but the pricks never give you the reason so you dont know why.

    On the other hand though I was earning between 10-20 dollars per day just fine using totally ripped content just copy and pasted not even spun. No issues for a few months.

    So like you say stay under the radar.

    Im considering doing something similar for video game niche so interested in this again myself.
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    hi DonnieBrasco, i m doing something similar, i managed to be under the radar using 3 adsense account and getting arround 50 euros / day for each one. if you wanna discuss further add me on skype