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    I would like to have some suggestion on what features to implement in my pinterest bot.

    At the moment the bot has the basic functionalities like mass follow, mass like, mass repin. I've implemented multi-account feature.

    The system is distributed and very scalable, with a central web UI in php and multiple java workers that can run on different boxes. The communication between workers and central repo is via REST web services, I think i will put everything on https to be more secure.

    Some screenshots:

    The bot repins based on "strategies":

    The scheduler:

    The stats for a ten days old account:

    Properties per single account:

    The worker UI is just a dos or linux command line for now. All configurations needed are made in the web UI.

    I'm re-implementing a pin (not repin) strategy, eg: pin these websites with these images on these boards. I think i will use wordpress as cms because i see is much more widespread than drupal, that was my first choice.

    Another basic function i want to implement is of course unfollow.

    What I do now?

    besides making 10 accounts and let run them for some months ;)

    When i finish the bot I will share a version of it to people which give me good advices, if they want. Anyway I am not doing this for commercial purposes, but just for fun :).

    I'd like to discuss on this topic rather than via PM :)
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    Account creator? Although it may be hard.