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Will I need my own proxies to use this? Can it scrape public proxies? Let me know if you're offering any review copies as well. Thanks.
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Smooth, no bugs found and works like a charm.

Thank you very much Society Girl :)

Will I need my own proxies to use this? Can it scrape public proxies? Let me know if you're offering any review copies as well. Thanks.

You don't need any proxies if you are going to run less than 3 accounts on a single machine.
In the other case you will need dedicated/private proxies that have SSL enabled.
I highly advise you to use one proxy per account. You can let 3 accounts run on a single proxy but I like to play it safe. This will prevent your accounts from being banned (I still have most of my accounts since 2011/2012).

We have a partnership with and they are giving discounts to all PinBot users.
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No free discount copies at this time.

Looks good. All the best on your sales mate. :)
Thanks Sam.

I've been using PinBot since version 1.0.

I can confirm that it's an excellent tool to promote your business.

The changes made from the first version to this newest ones are great.
In the first version you had to open a new Pinbot for each account you needed to manage.
Now, you can handle all these from one main panel. It's a time saver.

You can program repins by scraping them from boards/keywords and manually program them, gain followers by searching and follow them.
You can even scrap content from other social networks to pin them as your own.
When you get a handle of it, it's almost automatic.

But the real secret sauce here is the options for group boards. You can create your own by inviting your followers automatically, all from the software.

This new 3.0 version has multiplatform support (WIN/MAC/Linux), so it is awesome to use from an VPS with Linux. No need to pay for expensive VPS windows servers.

Also, the support offered by Healzer is top notch.
His website also offers great tutorials to help you make money with Pinterest.
It's really a great combo that gives great value.

I have more than 20k highly targeted followers into my main business account and more than 100k spread all my buffer pinterest accounts.
I basically dominate my niche thanks to this tool and the tutorials offered by Healzer.

I highly suggest this software if you want to start a long-term business with Pinterest.
I love this bot and I use it right now. It is definitely one of the best time-saving tool I have purchased in a very long time.
So, the new version works on Mac now? Great! I am currently using a different bot, might as well try this one soon!
So, I'm just a newbie but this is the first time I'm sharing something that worked for me. Created one of the account using Pinbot 3.0 beta and you can check the results in the image below. The tool is well built and finally available for mac.
Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.38.06 AM.png
This tool works for me like a charm and for the earning improvements just follow the vip section properly.
I have purchased all versions of Pinbot and I am now a Pinbot3 Premium member. I must say that so many times I have been excited and have not read my emails that come with the product thoroughly, but through it all support has been superb (and I am happy to say that I have never been chastised for my own oversight) If only I would slow down in my anxious state to get started, I would see the answer to my support request, before making a request. I definitely recommend this product because of it's value and the excellent support service that comes with the software. It's a winner!!!
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Have been using this since v1 beta and have to say it is awesome! The support is great, had a few issues that were fixed really fast,Have a big project coming up and a journey with Pinterest and SEO as I want to make this website a "business" on it's own.
Been using PinBot for a while now and I can say this is undoubtedly the best tool out in the market to dominate Pinterest. I have dominating several niches in Pinterest as a result. Anyone can bank hard if they put it to the right use. Plus healzer provides one of the best tech support I have ever come across. Highly recommended!
Any discount for 2.0 users?
Hi mate :)

All PinBot 2.0 and 1.0 users can upgrade to version 3.0 at just 15 USD instead of the full price.
This had been announced through our newsletters a couple months ago, I'm sorry if our emails didn't reach your inbox :(
I have sent you a PM with further details & steps :).

So, the new version works on Mac now? Great! I am currently using a different bot, might as well try this one soon!
Yes it does! ;)

Which proxy server do you recommend with your software.

I highly recommend using SSLPrivateProxy's Pinterest Proxies.

Have a great day all!
i highly recommend Pinbot, i purchased V2.0 last year and i really liked the simple interface of the bot that i instantly upgraded my license to V3.0. Healzer provides amazing support.
I've been using the PinBot since the first version. It is a really great tool. It's a huge time saver. And with the 3.0 version it is possible to manage multiple accounts within the same instance! Healzer provides fast and awesome support. Definitely recommend this tool.
Pinbot 3.0 is a Wonderful Tool for Pinterest : I managed more than twenty account and it perfectly work for Repining and Following User.
The BIG DIFFERENCE for me, comparing to FollowLiker for example, is that Pinbot 3.0 can Repin from a SPECIFIC Board or Account to a SPECIFIC Board Account and this is great to categorize repinning. And FollowLiker Can't Do that !

PLUS, Customer Support is Quick and Helpful. I requested to add a feature such as an Activity Log and 3 days after my request, Pinbot 3.0 Updated... with an Activity Log !

I totally recommend it.
Love from France :)
I've been using the software for the past couple of weeks. Although I haven't implemented all the features pinbot offers, I can see the potential and eager to scale. Before I was manually following and pinning. Which doing repetively 300 times a day each. It becomes tedious. Pinbot gets rid of that task.

I'm impressed. Very worth trying it out!
Posted this in the Pinbot 2 thread, but for visibility sharing here as well as I am using 3:

If you are looking to automate Pinterest, I highly recommend this program. Not only is it easy to use, but everything said about Healzer's outstanding support is true. I've sent him more than a few e-mails with questions that honestly were kind of stupid, but nevertheless got a prompt and helpful response. Very happy with my purchase.
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