Phrases to Generate Conversion Clicks - Effective Sales Pitch examples

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    The First element of salesmanship is "attention". The primary goal of any sales page should be to increase click through rates by utilizing the readers "attention". Its dumb enough to let them slide away from your page before they even give a glance at what you are offering and the features and benefits of your products .Alternatively , i have assembled some winning phrases below that are bound to stick them to your site

    1) Example Product : a subscription site for Internet marketers.

    Bullet Points :
    *Triple your profits in two months.
    *Learn the one trick that could make you a millionaire by the end of the month.
    *New content each week that will help you understand what industry insiders
    do?not what they tell you to do.
    *Bonus video and audio content on a weekly basis.
    *Free consultations with me and members of my staff.
    *Guest interviews with legendary marketers and Internet marketers.
    *A forum where you can communicate freely with me and other members.
    *Make more money faster, so that you can spend more of your free time with
    friends and family members.

    2) Example Product: financial planning software.

    Bullet Points:
    *Organize your life and your finances starting today.
    *Save more by finding areas of waste and reigning in spending.
    *Gain control over your life by managing your bills carefully.
    *Centralize all information about your bills and payment dates.
    *Use simple functions to saving for vacations and big purchases.
    *Begin planning your retirement in hours.
    *Feel relaxed and at ease when you pay bills on time and know when new bills
    will arrive.
    *Make life easier for your spouse and children by taking control of your finances
    and eliminating unnecessary stress and uncertainty.

    And there you get it .
    First, each of the top list contains bullet points . They "hit"
    the customer with a "definite" not "accidental" answer to their GREATEST QUESTION -- "WHATS IN IT FOR ME ???"
    Notice that we?ve typically focused on benefits, rather than

    • Features tell customers "whats there" in your product
    • Benefits tell customers "whats there FOR ME " in your product
    People aren't interested even 1% in your business . they are interested in your offerings that is benefit to them/

    Thank you :beer:
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    Thank you, a very good first post.
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    I feel it is better to understand WHY these phrases work opposed to just the phrases themselves, so that you have the ability to write oriented to the situation. In a sense these provide a good template, but without a clear understanding what makes them good, a newbie could easily misuse them.