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php url for more results per page?

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by coolhotfun, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. coolhotfun

    coolhotfun Newbie

    Feb 24, 2010
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    posted this over in the phpfreaks forum but those guys are saying.. naw.. we cant do anything for you. Maybe you guys over here at the blackhatworld might be able to do more.


    Hi I dont know anything about html nevermind php.. but spent the past several hours searching on the internet and couldnt find anything so last ditch thought i'd post here. Looked for php help in google and this phpfreaks seemed the most popular site.

    ok here's what i'm trying to do. Browsing around the facebook trying to view fans. I dont like the little pop-up window it does because cant see mutual friends.. so i'll right click fans to a new window. Then you can see if anyone's got mutual friends. Only has 10 results per page though.. and when you click the arrow for next page, it stops at 2000. If you click next after 2000 it only has a link to the same page. Figured though to get past that if you manually type in the next number in the url where it says &start=2000. So then at the end of the url i'll change the 2000 to 2010 hit enter.. 2020 hit enter, etc.

    Its getting kind of tiresome because this fan page i'm checking out for the city has 12,000.. and doing it 10 at a time is ridiculous. Thought there might be a &= thing i could type in the http url to show more profiles per page instead of 10. You know, like some pages have options to show more results per page.. well i looked around checking what the url says for sites that have that option, but it seems like its different for each page they make. You'd think there'd be a standard ?= thing for however many profiles per page. I thought of maybe opening a saved facebook fan results page and opening it with an html editor and looking for 10 to see what text it writes in there showing what code it is that determines the 10 per page.. but theres nothing. Probably cant get it to show more than 10 profiles per page. Anyways, just last-ditch posting maybe you guys would know more about that. Probably cant do anything about it and i'll have to manually type in each ten increment ten thousand times and hit enter.