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    Hi all

    Got an SEO + PHP coding question for you guys I?m thinking about for some time now.

    If I?m using hxxp referrer command on a page, based on an entrance keyword to a page, the hxxp referrer will place different content on the page (not replacing the whole page, but just big part of it).

    Can the new content be indexed by search engines ? mainly big G (my thoughts are no, since its referrer based on keywords, and bots visit as user agents).

    Any thoughts and ideas are welcomed,

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    Mar 9, 2010
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    not really a php question but....

    since google can only index one version of your page anyway it'll just be the one based on the referrer (and google isn't going to be sending one) so you need to build up other pages.

    something like doing a 301 redirect to index.php?kw=the+referrer+string would work so long as you then store this kw and then create an index page of them all. the index page should be linked to from at least the homepage so google to find and and index them.

    of course with some htaccess rewrites you could make the pages look much better like 301'ing to /this-is-the-referrer.html etc
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    Although not 100% sure sometimes gbot and msn come with fake referrer to check if websites are not doing referrer cloaking - of course at that time they came with fake user agent to also check for user agent cloaking. Usually when they do this the referrer is a search query page but usually for a keyword you don't rank for.
    Many people will say this is not true as it is not widely discussed, even I am not sure about this but during the last 2-3 years noticed some strange visits in my logs.
    To explain more exactly let's say I had a site about cialis and got some very long tail ranks like "buy cialis without prescription in ohio" - sometimes I noticed google or msn referrals for "cialis" from the first SERP page - first I thought through some magic I ranked for the main keyword but checking all the datacenters, also tried proxy for trying to get geo tailored results I wasn't in the first 10 pages. This is why I assume this are fake queries of google or msn to prevent some forms of cloaking. Can also be some other bots as the only thing that make me assume is the gbot or msn bot is the refering page is their SERP page.
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    where is the php question?